Mathematicians to join the project

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Mathematicians to join the project

Postby User » Thu Nov 12, 2009 2:35 pm

Published on behalf of a trader, who left a meassge on Forex Strategies Website.


Well am new and have seen alot of strategies here but the challenge am having here is that forex is a game of numbers and as a mathematician I believe that there is a constant amongst these numbers.

i have about 26 strategies but they all have the same problem. exit points. even when they give exit signals i must loose some pips because they are all lagging indicators. Please if there are any mathematicians in this forum i want you to take part in finding this constant.

whats more i believe that a point where the constant, average and probability intercepts will be a signal to enter and exit the market but i am having a challenge working out a formula for this. this is a non profit project and would want to work with other mathematicians too.

I still believe there is a code to be cracked in forex trading and i wont rest till i find it.

if you have any contributions please call me on +234 806 758 1932
or mail me on edforexmart(at)
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