Strategy 17

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Strategy 17

Postby The Mongoose » Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:52 pm

Hi, hire in this site, I found this strategy- ... rtpatterns
Does anyone work with it, and can I ask something about the system...
The pics of the system are only of 1H chart, this mean its work only on this chart? I tryed on above charts but there wasn`t pullbacks? Is it have some other rules without this detail- pullback? And if we haven`t pullback what have to do them?
And something else, do you trade with this method inside the channels? Bousing low and upper lines?
Hire will upload some pics to see my charts, and if you can help me I will be very grateful people :roll:





Some of the pics as you will see has 2 trend channels, two of the pics has channel in the channel, one of 1H and bigger on Daily, hire I want to ask you what of these 2 channels to looking and to trade?
Other pics are only on the 1H chart but I was confused becouse hire I can draw 2 channels and I dont know wich of one is the correct channel?

Please if you can help me, I really want to understand the system correctly. Just I need help... :(
The Mongoose
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Re: Strategy 17

Postby The Mongoose » Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:22 am

Ok, If my question is set in a complex way (for which I apologize) let me ask it this way:
In one chart if we can draw more of one channel, which should be correct the bigger or smaller? Becouse in one big channel we can draw many small channels- this is confusing me.
Can we use this strategy on bigger chart than 1H? And Is there a difference in productivity?
Do you use it for trading in the channel- bouncing low and upper line?

I hope someone use this method.
The Mongoose
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