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Get 20 $ in gift free

Postby Kruz30 » Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:59 am

Hello everyone!
My name is Andrew and I wanna to present everyone a very clear pyramid project where I currently take part.
The next plans are:
1 month deposit - 30% profit per month
3 month deposit - 50% profit per month
1 year deposit - 100% profit per month

It's not scam! Ir's really pays every participant. People just send money everyone and get % and profits. People's fund didnt accumulate on one account like in standart HYIP projects, but on bank's accounts of each participant.

All who is interested I can explain in skype and for registration you will get FREE 20 USD even if you will not participate in future. The system makes gift for everyone.

In project is around 10-20 millions people now, so dont lose your time and be the part of it!! :D

There is my reffer link:

But if you wanna to get gift 20 USD, I should make new register through my backoffice and then you will log in your backoffice and fill in your bank account details to get payment from another participant of the system.

Just read all information. It's really clear project. It's not like other, it's different!
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Re: Get 20 $ in gift free

Postby Kruz30 » Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:26 pm

When you will get to the web, just push on "Foreign office" button and all web will be on english

What about payment methods
When you will under EUR or USD zone payment you will be able to send participants funds through
1.WIRE SWIFT transfer or
2. Western Union or MoneyGram( which better with lower fee cost).
3. Also it may be electronic money.

About methods of payment you will personaly disscuss with receiver of funds, because, for example, the receiver will ask to pay on bank account, but your amount is so small that you are more better to send via MoneyGram or any other Electonic payment systems (Skrill or Neteller) to pay lower payment fee.
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