Gold Is Now On The Forex Heatmap ®

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Gold Is Now On The Forex Heatmap ®

Postby forexearlywarning » Mon Jun 10, 2024 12:23 pm

Along with the 28 forex pairs and 8 currencies you can now trade gold using The Forex Heatmap ®.

There are many gold traders worldwide but no clear signaling system for them to use.

You can trade spot gold, futures, even crypto pairs or crypto futures like Pax Gold and XAUT Gold/Tether. Most prop trading firms allow XAU/USD trading.

Traders can also check the USD and other currency movements also with the heatmap for correlations/confirmation.

5-22-2024 Asian.jpg

5-22-24 Asian.png
6-5-2024 XAUAUD.jpg
6-5-2024 XAU Strong.jpg
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