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Re: Forex Technical Indicators by IFC Markets

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:51 am
by Akriti
Parabolic Indicator

Parabolic indicator developed by Welles Wilder is designed to realize a number of functions: rejecting or confirming trend direction, determining trend end, correction or flat stages, and indicating possible exit points. The indicator is based on the principle “stop and reverse” (SAR).

Signals of trend confirmation
• The indicator confirms an uptrend if it is plotted below the price chart.
• The indicator confirms a downtrend if it is plotted above the price chart.
Signals of exit points
• A sign of closing long positions may appear if the price falls below Parabolic line during an uptrend.
• A sign of closing short positions may appear if the price rises above Parabolic line during a downtrend.

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